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LiveOffice4.0: Errors LO 02029 and RWI 00013

December 14, 2012 1 comment


When importing a webintelligence report into Live Office 4.0, I’ll encounter following error:

ScreenHunter_39 Dec. 14 09.32

In my case the “not implemented feature” is the filter bar in the report. Disabling this filter bar in the webi report, solves the issue.

ScreenHunter_39 Dec. 14 09.34




Webi Processing Server launches a lot of sql on database

December 11, 2012 1 comment


I’ve encountered following behaviour: WebIntelligenceProcessingServer launches a lot of “SELECT DISTINCT <column> FROM “-statements on the database.

This is caused by the Infromation Engine Service of WEBI, which allows you to cache List of Values. This option is enabled by default and in case you accept the defaults during universe design,  this will cause a lot of LOV-cache generation.

You can disable this option by deactivating the checkbox “Enable List Of Values” in the properties screen of the WebIntelligenceProcessingServer:

ScreenHunter_39 Dec. 11 17.30

Afterwards, restart the WebiProcessingServer, and your database load will decrease significantly.



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